About WOKI Talk

WOKI TALK incorporated since 2009. We are comparatively new in radio communication business as compare to some players who monopolize the market earlier. However, we value radio communication and we do not want any one left behind from deliver clear, anytime,anywhere radio communication through out Malaysia.

Through out the years, WOKI Talk has successfully developed remarkable milestones for radio communication. We manage to establish our well known WOKI brand walkie talkie and also providing radio communication solutions for users with dedicated needs.

WOKI TALK has partner with trunk radio service provider for giving the users another alternative or choices for license frequency. We value team work and scientific management in order to achieve total customer satisfaction.

With all the achievement from WOKI Talk, we never forget the support given from supplier and partner. We also appreciate our customer who given us good rating and also pointing out our deficiency for improvement.

WOKI TALK is very proud to become part of the walkie talkie and trunk radio service provider for Malaysia market. We know there will be more challenging in radio communication sector but we confidently putting our step ahead. Perhaps, nothing could stop us for providing best service and deliver value to you.

Nothing could stop WOKI TALK for improvement. We also set up our surveillance system service apart from the radio communication sector. We already have our first WOKI Brand CCTV unit design and launched in the market. We are putting our feet into this sector by showing our commitment to quality as well as better service quality.

WOKI TALK Milestones

WOKI TALK is incorporated since year 2009 in Malaysia.  Our commitment shown in radio communication & home security system.  The WOKI brand’s two way radio has gained one of the highly rated reputation from user at Malaysia.  Our 4 mojor business core:

  1. Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie
  2. Set up Two Way Radio Commnucation System
  3. Home Security System
  4. Accessories for 2-way radio walkie talkie and home security

WOKI TALK has wide range of 2-way radio walkie talkie products and home security system products that suit for individual, family and company needs.


WOKI TALK is the walkie talkie supplier who owns the WOKI brand 2 way radio.  WOKI brand 2 way radio contains 16 channels that provide the choice for user to freely communicate within 3km range.
WOKI Brand two way radio is able to program the frequency and communicate with various kind of walkie talkie, this include Motorola and Kenwood two way radio.
WOKI TALK also knowledgable to setup two way radio communication tower system that promote long range communication for walkie talkie.  Many security force, RELA, also install their dedicate two way radio system to suit their application.
WOKI TALK listen and understand customer needs about radio communication, we work towards providing our customer a quality radio communication service that beyond any walkie talkie supplier has ever done.