Trunk Radio System

Trunk Radio Network Service in Malaysia

Haulage use Trunk Radio

Haulage use Trunk Radio

Manay people knows about walkie talkie or two way radio, but seldom heard about trunk radio, or trunking radio.  Before WOKI Talk explained current situation of Trunking Radio network service in Malaysia, we will explain some history about trunk radio.

What is Trunk Radio?

Two way radio is a point to point walkie talkie, whereby trunk radio system is a radio transmittal system that requires complex setup for signal transmitting.  Trunk Radio user requires subscribe with any network service provider in the region before you could communicate with the trunk radio.

Once trunked radio system user subscribe in the trunked radio network, the system provider will assign a talk group frequency for user, and these set of frequency will be program in the user trunk radio, such as Kenwood TK480.

In Malaysia, there are several well-known trunked radio system service providers. User could freely select any network system service provider base on coverage and service quality.

WOKI Talk Offer in Trunk Radio

WOKI TALK is one of the trunk radio network service providers in Malaysia. Our well establishes trunked radio station and system strategically located in many spots of Malaysia, especially at west Malaysia.

Our trunked radio network system frequency is licensed by the MCMC, authority firm in Malaysia controlling trunked radio system.

WOKI TALK has been honour by user as one of the highly rated trunk radio network provider in Malaysia.

The trunk radio network service could have many applications especially the logistic & communication purpose. The broad coverage trunk radio system are helping logistic company communicate and having control to their moving vehicle.

WOKI TALK ensure the trunked radio system setup fulfill the information to flow freely within the network.

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