Kenwood NX820 Deficiency Troubleshooting

How we resolve Kenwood NX820 deficiency faces by our user?  Troubleshooting consider a challenging job for many 3C suppliers, this apply to WOKI Talk too!  However, with our experience in the telecommunication industry, WOKI Talk has established a reliable team on overcoming some technical deficiency face by our user.

We know WOKI Talk may not be the biggest telecommunication entity if compare with other service provider such as Digi, Maxis or even Electcom,  however we have shown our reader about our effort on providing better services to users.

Deficiency on Kenwood NX820

As we aware, there are Kenwood, Motorola and Hytera brand trunk radio in Malaysia.  Kenwood NX820 considers a reliable unit with better performance and lowest rework rate.  Some of the deficiency encounter by the user is related to service provider.  Today, we are going to descript a phenomenon which not normally observed.

Problem Statement

We come across an incident that the Kenwood NX820 will auto shut down and re-start after ptt for more than 5 second.  The trunk radio will maintain at standby mode for hours without any re-start activity observe.  Perhaps, the trunk radio maintains alert even receiving voice from other talk group users.

Again, the re-start only appears while ptt for slightly long more than 5 second.

Throughout our maintenance service to our user, we don’t really see this deficiency happen in frequent manner, however it does draw our attention.  We believe we could learn something through our trunk radio engineering study.

Possible Causes

While we receive this feedback, our team has a short discussion internally to shortlist several possible causes or at least several suspects.  Perhaps we could always refer the user goes back to Kenwood dealer but this definitely not our manner.  In bottom line, WOKI Talk has to resolve the situation which our user is facing.

WOKI Talk’s team has been trained to resolve any engineering issue with 6sigma approach.  We are using the methodology of DMAIC to ensure the relevant problem is solved with proper documentation.  Proper documentation with data support is mandatory for WOKI Talk to close any technical issue, perhaps this also the standard requirement for 6 sigma tools.

Let go back to the problem statement.  After our discussion, WOKI Talk has shortlist several possible causes to the incident.

  • Particular NX820 trunk radio deficiency
  • Poor incoming voltage stability
  • Non matching coaxial cable

Examine and Determine Most Possible Cause

WOKI Talk has carry out several tests together with the supplier.  After series of examination, we notice that the auto restart incident is due to poor incoming voltage stability.  During the ptt process, the trunk radio actually consumes higher voltage as compare to standby mode.  The higher voltage somehow exits the maximum supply voltage.  In this case, the trunk radio auto shut down as self protection.

After changed the voltage stabilizer, to maintain consistent 12V output, the auto shut down phenomenon just resolved.  A complete corrective action report has been documented in WOKI Talk’s achieve.  This is ensuring the action could be referring by successor when needed.

WOKI Talk has been practicing DMAIC methodology for troubleshooting Kenwood NX820 deficiency.  Today we are revealing our approach on solving user concern in trunk radio.  Hope that the telecommunication industry will adopt this methodology as for solving the problem we face in trunk radio.


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