My Experience with Electcoms Berhad Malaysia

Electcoms Berhad Malaysia Logo

Electcoms Berhad Malaysia Logo

As WOKI Talk, Electcoms Berhad Malaysia is the key trunk radio and walkie talkie provider in Malaysia.  They are in the trunk radio industry for more than 10 years.  Many walkie talkie sellers and trunk radio service providers knows Electcoms.

Trunk radio is a very specific niche in communication sector, and Electcoms has almost dominated and monopoly the entire market in Malaysia.  Even with the join effort from LJE and Maltel, both of them are still pretty far in term of market share as compare with Electcoms.

General Introduction about Electcoms Malaysia

Before I share with reader about my experience with Electcoms, let me briefly introduce Electcoms so that reader at least has the first intention about the company.

Electcoms ‘s head quarter is located in a factory block in Petaling Jaya.  They also having several offices through out Malaysia, this include Ipoh, Penang, Johor Bahru.

Currently Electcoms is the dealer for Motorola digital trunk radio and they also the only distributor for Motorola brand digital trunk radio.  Any Motorola digital trunk radio in Malaysia are all from Electcoms.

WOKI Talk, A walkie talkie providerWOKI Talk Offer.  WOKI Talk offer Kenwood and Hytera digital trunk radio for user.  Both digital trunk radio are also famous brand as Motorola.  We alsop offer Motorola spare part in our walkie talkie accessories shop.

Perhaps, Electcoms has the most comprehensive repeater network setup in Malaysia as well.  As I learn, Electcoms has work together with Digi, Malaysia famous Telco, by sharing the tower through out Malaysia.  This means Electcoms could setup any repeater station as long as there is any Digi tower.  This means the repeater setting up cost is much lower as compare to Maltel.  At least they save the tower renter as I guess.

WOKI Talk Repeater Setup.  Currently WOKI Talk has repeater station at Kledang, Changkat Rembian, Larut and Teluk Intan.  Our users also allow to use the repeater station inSelangor such as Genting.

Now, I guess reader could have the idea why I say Electcoms is actually dominated and monopolized Malaysia trunk radio market.  Meanwhile, I will also pointed out how WOKI Talk could improve the situation after understand the performance from Electcoms.

Why I Contact Electcoms Malaysia?

Lately I have a friend who want to let go his Motorola CM7668 digital trunk radio, so I just bought over from him.  I aware the the trunk radio is almost no function unless it has could be linked into the repeater station.   This is the reason I have to get hold Electcoms to understand how to register the digital trunk radio into their system.

Contact Electcoms

Electcoms has several offices through out Malaysia.  Besides they also have sales man who travelling among the region.  After visit Eletcoms’s company website, I decided to call Electcoms office directly in order to get the correct procedure .

  • Electcoms Head quarter
  • Electcoms Ipoh branch

WOKI Talk Learn.  It is very hard for WOKI Talk to setup as much physical branches as ELECTCOMS, however we could branch out to our customer and digital trunk radio user via WOKI Talk website and accessories shop.

As expected, my call has been diverted  several time before I could talk to the exact person.  Furthermore, I have difference perception while talking with difference people.  But one thing for sure, Electcoms want their client listen to them and follow their instruction eragantly.

WOKI Talk Learn.  Communication scale is important.  WOKI Talk should respect our customer and talk to them politely.

Transfer the Digital Trunk Radio Procedure

In general, since I am buying the Motorola trunk radio from a friend, Electcoms has to get all the digital trunk radio details and the seller details for Electcoms to verify the unit authentication.  After that, I have to register myself in Electcoms as their client.  In order to activate the unit, I was requested to pay 3 months access fee up-front.  Below are the 3 steps:

  • Bring the radio to Electcoms office and seller details for trunk radio authentication.
  • Register a personal account in Electcoms, bring personal IC.
  • Makes 3 months advance payment for activation.

WOKI Talk Learn.  Agree Electcoms with comprehensive procedure.  We should establish a similar procedure but with simplify flow.

I have not much comments on the Motorola trunk radio however I am not very satisfy the response from Electcoms.  Anyway, as a servicing industry, only a quality trunk radio is insufficient to gain customer or market share.  This is also the reason WOKI Talk has setup series program for improving our service quality.

3 responses to “My Experience with Electcoms Berhad Malaysia”

  1. Victor says:

    do u think sometime electcoms is so arragant while talking to customer?

    • admin says:

      This is the situation. Electcoms has been the largest trunk radio service provider in Malaysia for more than 10 years. Their market share are far more larger than the sum of other compertitors, such as Maltel. Perhaps many trunk radio supplier in the market some how has some relation with Electcoms, such as LJE Communication in Penang used to be their dealer in Northern Malysia.
      Since they are having such a long history dominating Malaysia trunk radio market, if not monopolize, and their words has become the guideline for the industry.
      I guess this is the situation while we talk to Electcoms.

    • admin says:

      Sorry to say that we are not in the position to comment on other people attitude.
      Base on my past experience with Electcom, I don’t really feel I had been respected from customer stand point. I would mark poor telephone support for enquiry. The telephone receptionist deliver inpatient mode while talking to me.

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