Maltel Moves to New Building & Office

Maltel New Office Address

Maltel New Office Address

WOKI Talk has been using Maltel as the trunk radio service provider for more than 10years.  After so many years, we are first seeing Maltel moves to new office building in Malaysia.  Maltel name this movement as Maltel version 3.0.   Maltel all the while occupy a 4 stories shop lot building in Cheras Kuala Lumpur.  Even it is a 4 stories shop lot building with more than 4000 square-feet, but it looks compact after squeeze in all departments, these include engineering and store.

In order for Maltel to maintain a remarkable reputation in repeater trunk radio industry, they were talking about migrate to new building.  WOKI Talk knows that they are actually working on getting in bigger space especially they have to cope with both Kenwood and Hytera brand trunk radio.

Maltel New Office Address

Maltel New office

Maltel New office

Maltel new office building also located in Cheras Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur.  The new building is about 50 meter away from existing office.  Maltel actually consolidate 3 units of shop lots for the new office purpose.

This new office remains at same area helps minimize the impact to all employees.


Why Maltel Move to New Building

WOKI Talk is not involved in Maltel decision but we do contribute our thought during our face to face discussion.  As all aware, Maltel started as trunk radio service provider for Kenwood Brand repeater in Malaysia.  In year 2016, they also be awarded Hytera brand in trunk radio in Malaysia but with “difference” company.  However, we know both systems are running with the same team.

Since Maltel has to operate two trunk radio instead of Kenwood, they have to double up their foot print.  This is basically the needs for movement.

Maltel New Building 1

Maltel New Building

Secondly is because all the while the Maltel Finance Department is separated from the operation team.  With the new office, Maltel is consolidated everybody within the same roof.  We believe this will bring benefit to day to day management.

Thirdly is the growing of head count.  We are seeing Maltel is expanding ever since Malaysia government fully phase in digital trunk radio, we believe they have secure substantial market share in the industry.

New Building means to Maltel

As aware, Maltel has committed in repeater trunk radio industry.  WOKI Talk has selected working with Maltel because we value the team contribution for the industry.

As Maltel descript, the Version 3.0 building comes with repeater concept.  They want to make use this new office and building to become a new ground for promoting better trunk radio repeater service to Malaysia user.  The roof top is specially design with solar panel fulfilling green building concept.  Furthermore, they also install antenna making the building become repeater hub and control centre for the region.

WOKI Talk knows it never been easy to sustain trunk radio market share especially facing the challenge from digitize media.  However we are pleased to see Maltel moving to new office and building at least showing us their commitment in trunk radio services.  We take this opportunity wishing Maltel a better future working in this new building.

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