Hytera MD788 Digital Trunk Radio

WOKI Talk has written several article about phasing in digital trunk in Malaysia on January year 2016. We had mentioned currently the trunk radio user in Malaysia is having the opportunity choose among Motorola, Kenwood and Hytera brand. The Hytera MD788 digital trunk radio is the model that launched for Malaysia trunk radio market.

For the past decade, trunk radio market mostly is be devided in Motorola and Kenwood. Hytera comes into our eye-side since early 2015. Since user in this country is new to Hytera, let us write up something helps our reader to understand more about this trunk radio.

Basic Features of Hytera MD788 Digital Trunk RadioHytera Basic Layout

Hytera MD788 is a digital trunk radio develop and manufacture in China Shenzhen, the southern city of China.

MD788 is a mobile unit operate under DMR system. The working frequency range fall between 410MHz to 430MHz.

One of the beauty of Hytera MD788 is the DMR system could operate 2 diference frequency simultaneously within one repeater. This also helping the trunk radio operator on saving the repeater quantity.

Basic Specification for Hytera MD788 Digital trunk Radio

  • DMR digital trunk radio
  • Frequency: 410MHz – 430MHz
  • Power Supply: 13.6V +/- 15%
  • Power: 25W

Basic Accessories for Hytera MD788

Hytera is having it own accessories, most of the accessories is unable to interchange with other digital trunk radio.

WOKI Talk has setup a full range of Hytera accessories, you could find out those common order accessories at our WOKI accessories shop:

  • External antenna comes with 5M length coaxial cable
  • External speaker
  • Hand held microphone or palm mic SM19A1

WOKI Talk has setup a dedicate e-commerce shop above accessories and you will be able to find other accessories which we tailor made for your special needs.

Our reader could also find out more about Hytera MD788 by reading through the Hytera MD788 user manual.