House Alarm System Malaysia

House Alarm System

House Alarm System

Home security is never being so emphasized as of today living environment. Apart from gated and guarded housing estate, we are seeing an increasing demand in house alarm system in Malaysia. Thank you to innovative home security system technology, people has more options for selecting suitable security products in order to protect themselves and their loves one.

WOKI TALK is a company originates by supplying two way radio and trunked radio for Malaysia market for many years. We also participate in home alarm system which incorporate with our originate communication business.

WOKI TALK provides a comprehensive solution for home security system all the way from house alarm system to home safety box

House Alarm System – Auto Gate

In the nature of Malaysia housing estate, more and more family adopt auto gate system, perhaps auto gate system is the first tire for house alarm system. In WOKI TALK, we do provide several auto gate mechanism designs.

  • Swing Auto Gate System Design
  • Sliding Auto Gate System Design
  • Arm Type Auto Gate System Design

House Alarm System – CCTV

CCTV is the abbreviation of Closed Circuit Television. The CCTV plays an important role in house alarm system. Since the first CCTV introduce to user on years 1942, we are seeing an increase in user and improve in technology.

Installing a CCTV system is nothing be so simple for nowadays, however making the CCTV system to best suit your house alarm system is more challenging job. There are wide ranges of CCTV products in the market, WOKI TALK is confident to select the appropriate CCTV products that best suit your application.

WOKI TALK is incorporate CCTV, video surveillance and intrusion system for achieving total house alarm system.

  • Plug and Play IP Camera
  • Mega Pixel IP Camera

House Alarm System – Safety Box

WOKI Talk supplies wide range of safety box for Malaysia home.  The safety box is designed with optimum resistance to fire and buglary treat.  Safety boxes also the quality security equipment that you could rely on. You could put your valuable and memorable belongings and let the safety box act as the ultimate defense to threats