Bye 2016, See You All in 2017

No doubt, year 2016 is a challenging year for WOKI Talk.  WOKI Talk has achieved several distinctive mile-stone for year 2016, even though we thought some part of the expansion was gained by sacrificing part of work quality.  However at the second half of 2016, WOKI Talk recognized the situation and quickly performed strategic change so that the company could sustain the result for long term.

Main Achievement on Year 2016

Launching Digital Trunk Radio.  WOKI Talk is promoting Kenwood and Hytera brand digital trunk radio for our customer.  In year 2016, our entire customers had successfully converted to digital trunk radio from analog system.

Launching WOKI W10S 2 way radio.  WOKI brand W10S 2 way radio is another remarkable 2 way radio which we launched after the hot selling WOKI H630S 2 way radio.  W10S is a 10W power hand-held 2 ways radio which suitable for almost any application.  W10S is not a substitution of H630S 2 way radio but an enhancement for our product line.

Established Comprehensive Spare Part System.  WOKI Talk has coming out a plan for helping our customer to bring down their cost in communication service.  We had setup a comprehensive walkie talkie spare part system so that we could have prompt and effective response to our customer who is facing interruption in the walkie talkie they use.

Digitize and Systemize Promote our Service Quality

WOKI Talk has setup a set of Company Operating Procedure so that we could response to our customer request in systematic and more effective manner.  Meanwhile, we also working with a well known software development company, WK Intan, for setting up a proper computerize software system to support our Operating Procedure.

Moving along with the digital and networking environment, WOKI Talk has setup an eshop for walkie talkie accessories website so that we exposed for more users.  Most of our customers are contributing from Malaysia Perak and Selangor state, however we do have others coming from other state of Malaysia even Sarawak state.  With the help of internet and e-commerce website, we are ready to extend our network for more places.

WOKI Talk also picks up extensive walkie talkie repairing knowledge after the aggressive expansion in early 2016.  We know the repairing job has been seriously left behind.  WOKI Talk has setup a task force team to prioritize the defects top hitter and also the effective counter actions.  If you are interested, you could find out the insight about Kenwood Top Hitter Defects and Hytera Top Hitter Defects.

Looking Forward for Year 2017 Resolution

Year 2017 is definitely a much more challenging year than year 2016.

WOKI Talk will continue serving our customer in communication sectors.  The challenge will mainly come from:

  1. Kenwood and Hytera Digital System Reliability.
  2. Response time on repairing talkie.
  3. Market Invaded by Others Communication Mobile APP.
  4. Publish both Hytera and Kenwood Accessories Flyer

WOKI Talk has been in the communication sector for 10 years.  From our pass experience, it never was easy to sustain in the ever challenging communication sector.  However WOKI Talk has prepared foresee the challenge in year 2017.

Again, we would like to say Thank You to our user showing your trust to WOKI Talk in walkie talkie and communication sector in year 2016 and let us moving forward to year 20

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