Kenwood and Hytera Trunk Radio Accessories Flyer

Today, WOKI Talk would like to share with our reader about both Kenwood and Hytera flyer.  The beautiful flyer has listed the most commonly request trunk radio accessories for Malaysia user.  Kenwood, Hytera and Motorola trunk radio come with many accessories for user, unfortunately not many users know these accessories.  WOKI Talk as the trunk radio supplier in Malaysia, we have gather most of the common accessories and purposely organize in flyer format to share with our reader.

The accessories flyer will not only promoting WOKI Talk to the market but also educate our user knows more about available accessories.

Kenwood Accessories Flyer

WOKI Talk has many years promoting Kenwood brand trunk radio in Malaysia market.  Hence we have very wide range of Kenwood accessories.  In our flyer, we had limited into 5 commonly ask accessories:

Hytera Accessories Flyer

Hytera trunk radio is relatively new in Malaysia market.  However WOKI Talk has kept the basic accessories to support Malaysia user.  We welcome Hytera user to check with us about Hytera accessories.

In our Flyer, we also publish 5 widely request Hytera accessories in Malaysia.

  • Antenna
  • Hand held microphone
  • Battery for PD788
  • External Speaker
  • Power Cable

Where to Buy the Accessories?

There are several channel our reader could buy those accessories from WOKI Talk.

  • Visit WOKI Talk e-shop.
  • Send us message via instant messenger, such as WeChat or Whatsapp.
  • Write us an email
  • Call our Tel # as stated in flyer
  • Visit our office and branch throughout Malaysia

It never been easy to sustain trunk radio business in Malaysia.  WOKI Talk has sought all possibility to provide better service quality to trunk radio reader and user.  We know what our user want while they are using trunk radio, further more we also understand their expectation for our service.

With this latest beautiful design Kenwood and Hytera flyer, our user could keep this in their smart phone for future reference.


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