Two Way Radio in Malaysia

H900S Walkie Talkie

H900S Walkie Talkie

WOKI Brand Two Way Radio in Malaysia

WOKI TALK is the walkie talkie supplier in Malaysia.  WOKI TALK own the two way radio for the Woki Talk logobrand WOKI.

The WOKI brand 2 way radio H900S consists of 16 communication channel and encryption system that will give better clarity in voice quality and less interference.

Meanwhile, Woki Talk also has the ability to setup dedicate frequency pool set for more demanding user application, with this dedicate frequency pool, two way radio user in Malaysia will enjoy a separate talk group than others.

What is Two Way Radio?

In Malaysia, there are user using two way radio and trunked radio.  Both are difference communication system in term of setup and application.

Two way radio system is a radio transmittal signal that allow user freely communicate within the signal coverage zone with the same transmission frequency. The voice or signal transmits directly in the air without any support of any additional control system. Whereby, a trunked radio network system, with a complex support of control system and repeater, the signal coverage is further and more complicated in the sense of technology involvement.

Two way radio is a simplex system, whereby user is communicating within the same frequency. However 2-way radio only allow one user to speak at a time while other user at the same frequency at listen only mode.

With the simple application, most of  the two way radio in Malaysia only with maximum 5km coverage depending on physical signal transmittal route. In most of Malaysia geometric layout, signal quality will get affected after 3km area.  Compare to trunk radio, the transmittal signal is further.

H630S Complete SetGeneral Application for Two Way Radio in Malaysia

There are mainly 2 main applications for two way radio in Malaysia.
  • 2-way radio with small compound communication
  • 2-way radio for home or housing estate security coverage

For more demanding application that need a wider coverage, user could always setup a two way radio system with repeater for a particular area.  The radio system will enhance the signal quality and coverage distance.

In Malaysia, user not require to apply a dedicate license for using any 2-way radio however if user require to install a two way radio system with repeater, a license need to secure from MCMC department.

Two-way radio has been widely used in factory area or building. We have seen many facility engineers or technicians carry two way radio and communicate freely while carrying out the work.