Repeater Radio Communication System

WOKI TALK provide walkie talkie repeater radio communication system design and installation service for Malaysia region. In order achieving long range walkie talkie communication coverage, a 2 way radio repeater will be used for receiving and transmitting communication signal. The larger transmitting and receiving power of 2 way radio repeater makes it able to transmit signal for longer distance.

Repeater Communication System

Repeater Communication System

Working Principle of Repeater Radio Communication System
The 2 way radio repeater act as the receiver and transmitter within the communication. The repeater ¡°Received¡± the signal from the voice out walkie talkie, and then ¡°Transmitted¡± to the group. Below schematic are the simplified layout of the repeater radio communication system.

Coverage Distance of Repeater Radio Communication System

We have 2 setup of 2 way radio repeater communication system, which are 5-10km and 15-20km coverage respectively. From user stand point, the user concern about coverage distance however the signal transmission is proportional related with the geography profile. We need to study the geography profile and transmission coverage requirement before we could make an appropriate selection.

WOKI TALK could also specially design a larger coverage zone by pairing 2 unit 2 way radio repeater. The pair up repeater need exstensive tehnical understanding and experience while come to site installation.

Setup of Radio Communication System

2 way radio repeater or walkie talkie repeater always installed at the centre of the communication region, more over the repeater should also set at the highest area within the zone.

A radio communication system always comes in the below components:

  • Two Way Radio walkie talkie
  • Home Security System
  • Antenna

The 2 way radio repeater also need to programming with dedicate frequency channel to ensure the communication within the group will not truncated by other parties. WOKI TALK could specially setup the frequency for this requirement.

Who Needs Repeater Radio Communication System?

Security concern is always the first needed for installing 2 way radio repeater system. In Malaysia, many of the RELA team already installed their individual walkie talkie repeater communication system. With this communication system, the RELA team member able to form an immediate communication network with large area coverage.

Factory with several plants within a geography area. The employees are able to communicate freely for updating the work progress and sharing information. Meanwhile, the supervisor also able to monitor the progress and be immediately informed if needed.

Events Organizer. An outbound events with large coverage may need a 2 way radio repeater system for it communication.

The 2 way radio repeater communication system require proper installation and tuning in order to achieve resultable signal transmission performance. Kindly send your inquiry to WOKI TALK for your communication system requirement, we are confident there must be a solution suit your needs.