WOKI Talk Compare with Mal-tel and LJE

Maltel, LJE, WOKI Talk Logo

Maltel, LJE, WOKI Talk Logo

Maltel and LJE are both companies distributing trunk radio in Malaysia for many years.  They all start with Kenwood and since year 2015, they decided to engage Hytera as well.

In reality, WOKI Talk is the follower after Mal-tel and LJE in introducing digital trunk radio for local market.

Even though WOKI Talk is supplying digital trunk radio for the same market, however there are still some differences among these 3 companies and we think user should treat us differently.

Geomatry Differences

Maltel office is located in KL and LJE is located in Penang.  WOKI Talk established in Teluk Intan and we slowly spread out to other location and state over in Malaysia.  Besides Teluk Intan, we have offices in Ipoh, Penang, Sarawak.   WOKI Talk not only expanding over office coverage in Malaysia, but also extend our engagement via our WOKI Talk e-commerce shop and website.

WOKI Talk understand with company website, social media and e-commerce site, we are actually branching out to more user.  Perhaps, we also observe that WOKI Talk is having the best website layout among the 3 companies.

Digital Trunk Radio

Digital trunk radio is the latest technology in trunk radio communication industry, the digital trunk radio is to replace the traditional analog trunk radio which has been dominated in Malaysia for more than 10 years.

Maltel at KL and LJE at Penang have planned to segmentize the digital trunk radio market.  The situation change a little after WOKI Talk also participate in supplying digital trunk radio.  WOKI Talk has become an important digital trunk radio supplier in both Perak and Selangor state.

However, WOKI Talk does not limited ourselves in both Perak and Selangor state.  Our goal is to supply suitable trunk radio and best service for customer, we are seeing more inquiry.

Spare Part for Digital Trunk Radio

Every one agrees the digital trunk radio spare part is selling at very high price.  This is because LJE,Mal-tel and Electcom have monopolize the digital trunk radio market.  However, WOKI Talk as a telecommunication solution provider has another thought in spare part.

WOKI Talk has extended and broaded our spare part sourcing ability, our goal is providing price competitiveand quality  spare part for all digital trunk radio user.  Our price competitive and quality spare part has gained high remark from many user.  You are welcome to visit our e-commerce accessories shop to find out the spare part we are offering.

Business is getting more challenging in current market situation.  Even though WOKI Talk is not the largest among Electcom, Mal-tel and LJE, however we do have the responsibility for providing best product, services as well as price competitive spare part to digital trunk radio user.

We agree Mal-tel and LJE has contributing a lot in digital trunk radio, however WOKI Talk is here to bring up services from user stand point.

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