Why Choose WOKI as Your House Security System Provider

House Alarm System

House Alarm System

WOKI has extended our services from just only providing walkie talkie, we also committed to become one of the Home Securities System Provider and also provide installation service for Malaysia market.

Quality Home Security Products

WOKI consider one of the reliable home security products service providers. Our home security system is well design with user oriented. We discard those unpractical fancy functions but left only the essential part that able to carry out the job precisely.

WOKI’s home security system include wireless security system has been tested and proof to be effective and suit for modern life style.

 Well Train Technician

We value people especially we want our technician is able to cope with latest technology progress. Our technicians have been well trained with installation guidance and our product characteristics. They are our certified technician who can dependable to install the appropriate home security system.

Our technician knows how to integrate home alarm system and CCTV surveillance system for setting up a reliable home security system.

Dedicated and Responsive Customer Service

WOKI has dedicated customer service team who able to answer your call and also replying your email for answering your question. Our customer service team also had been well trained about our home security product availability and performance.

You are welcome to clarify your concern to understand more about our home security to ensure it fit your needs

User Freindly Security System

WOKI home security system has been tested and examine with user friendly setup. The one button alert system is simplify yet effective security suitable for all member in the family