Two Way Radio System

Two Way Radio System

WOKI TALK provides one stop solution in 2 way radio wireless repeater radio communication sy

H900S Walkie Talkie

H900S Walkie Talkie

stem. We are having the ability to setup two way radio system and program the walkie talkie for communication.

The two way radio system we install to customer is given with dedicate frequency range to ensure the transmitting quality and no interference. Our two way radio system not only works with WOKI brand walkie talkie but also other model of walkie talkie.

Two way radio system is a simplex system that provide a wider coverage for 2-way radio user. We are seeing an increase demand on installing two way radio system in Malaysia. WOKI TALK does provide the installation on 2 way radio network system service for Malaysia market.

Who Needs Two Way Radio

Two way radio system is broadly used by most of the district security force team. In Malaysia, RELA is a dedicated security force for dedicate area or housing estate. Many housing estates or ¡°kampong¡± in Malaysia do form it own security force team acting as the regular security responsible team apart from police.

The team members for RELA team are equipped with walkie talkie or2 way radio as the communication tools. Unfortunately most of the 2 way radio comes with limited area coverage up to 3km, this coverage is insufficient for RELA responsibility. In order to improve the distance coverage, user need to install dedicatestwo way radio network system for improving the communication coverage.

Distance Coverage for Two Way Radio

Two way radio system can easily achieve 10km coverage area. At certain geometric in Malaysia, we manage reaching 20km coverage. There are several criteria while installing a two way radio system in order to achieve good and stable distance coverage and voice transmitting quality.

  1. The antenna needs to install as high as possible without any blockage
  2. Make sure the cable connector between antenna and repeater is tightly fasten
  3. Selection of coaxial cable for two way radio system

Kindly contact WOKI to learn more about our supports and services in two way radio system.