Walkie Talkie Supplier in Malaysia

WOKI Talk Logo

WOKI Talk Logo

WOKI Talk – Malaysia Famous Walkie Talkie Supplier in Malaysia

WOKI TALK is a leading walkie talkie supplier in Malaysia , besides walkie talkie, there are 2 way radio & trunked radio in our product list. WOKI TALK also provides total communication solution for customer who needs to have dedicated communication talk group.

WOKI TALK is providing an exclusive wireless walkie talkie network system and home security system in Malaysia, the services include:Woki Talk logo

  1. Distribute quality WOKI brand two way radio
  2. Setup dedicate two way radio network system for talk group

  3. Setup quality home security system

  4. Provide trunked radio network system for demanding user

  5. Supply wide range of walkie talkie accessories.

WOKI – A Malaysia Brand Walkie Talkie

We proudly present WOKI brand walkie talkie.

WOKI is a Malaysia brand walkie talkie. WOKI walkie talkie is a two way radio that widely use in wireless communication field. The 16 selection channels provide user freely select the communication group.

WOKI brand walkie talkie could also be used for demanding user such as two way radio system. It also has the ability to program and carry out the communication task with other worldwide famous brand, such as Kenwood walkie talkie.

Supply Quality Walkie Talkie Accessories in Malaysia

WOKI TALK supply wide range of walkie talkie accessories for Malaysia user. We have wide variety of accessories for various brands, just to name a few accessories:

  1. Hand mic

    Antenna for Two Way Radio

    Antenna for Two Way Radio

  2. Ear phone
  3. Casing Bag
  4. Antenna
  5. Battery

 Why Use Walkie Talkie in Malaysia

Hand phone has invaded our life same as walkie talkie. Walkie talkie or two way radio mainly for the user who requires to enhance communication efficiency among a dedicate talk group.

As a dedicate walkie talkie supplier in Malaysia, WOKI TALK committed to provide the below advantages for user:

  1. Easy give and receive instruction / information from a group.
  2.  Select communication within a talk group
  3. Improve communication efficiency
  4. Reduce dependant on hand phone

User should be able to find the suitable quality walkie talkie accessories in Malaysia’s accessories store.