Kenwood NX800 and NX820 Trunk Radio

Kenwood NX820 and NX800

Kenwood NX820 and NX800

WOKI Talk lately received many inquiry mostly from Malaysia region buyer, they are asking us about the availability on digital trunk radio. As our previous article about availability of digital traunk radio in Malaysia, WOKI Talk revealed that user has 3 choices for digital trunk radio, namely Kenwood NX series, Motorola Motobot and Hytera brand.

In this article, we are talking more about Kenwood NX series, so user could grab the first impression about this digital trunking radio.

Kenwood NX Series Digital Trunk Radio

Kenwood NX820, NX800 top view

Kenwood NX820, NX800 top view

Kenwood launched their latest Next Edge NX series of digital trunk radio about 5 years ago. The NX digital system is difference than the Motorola Motorbot DMR system, hence user are unable to use 2 difference brand of digital trunk radio in one system.

Due to the difference and unable inter-change between 2 system, digital trunk radio user in Malaysia has to make a decision on the system.

Model for Kenwood NX Digital Trunk Radio

Kenwood NX320 Handset

Kenwood NX320 Handset

Mobile Unit. There are 2 models you could choose, Kenwood NX800 and NX820. Both are very reliable unit with 25W power output. Both units looks resemble just only difference with some button position. The NX800 only with several mm larger in term of size.

Handheld Unit. There are NX320 and NX300 both handheld model you could choose. NX300 definitely looks nicer from our perspective.

However through our practical experience, WOKI Talk always recommended our customer to adopt mobile unit instead of handheld unit. This is because mobile unit is having better signal coverage that able to fulfill customer needs.

Layout of Kenwood NX Digital Trunk Radio

In this article, we focus our discussion more on mobile unit.

Below are some basic specification for both Kenwood NX820 and NX800 digital trunk radio.

  • Voltage: 13.6V (DC) +/-15%
  • Frequency range: 400-470MHz
  • Power: 5-30W

Accessories of Kenwood NX Digital Trunk Radio

Kenwood NX820 Antenna

Kenwood NX820 Antenna

In WOKI Talk, we provide customer with many choices on Kenwood NX accessories. Below are the most common NX radio accessories include:

  • Antenna
  • Coaxial cable with magnetic cup
  • Palm Mic
  • Mounting Bracket

Apart from those common accessories, WOKI Talk also tailor made some accessories for customer who want more. We have:

  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Universal Lock Casing
  • External Speaker
  • Palm Mic Hanger

User could always contact WOKI Talk and check our accessories availability. Or you could even tell us what you want and we will work toward your needs.

Who need Kenwood NX800 or NX820 Digital Trunk Radio

NX Digital trunk radio has wide application than the analog system because the NX system not only trunking radio but also with link availability. The link availability has widen up our communication coverage. User among the talk group could talk freely within the group provided the system is linked within the repeater station.

For Kenwood NX800 or NX820, both digital trunk radio having similar performance, user could just pick any of above digital trunk radio. For Malaysia user, WOKI Talk currently is carrying out an attractive package for Kenwood NX800 and NX820 system, please kindly contact WOKI Talk to understand more about our promotion package  or  you could visit WOKI Talk e-shop.


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