Are You Ready for Digital Trunk Radio

I guess many trunk radio users have aware that Malaysia government has enforced existing trunk radio system has to fully converted to digital trunk radio since Jan 2016WOKI Talk as one of the trunk radio service provider in Malaysia, we think we have the responsibility clearing up some doubts trunk radio user.

Available Digital Trunk Radio

Kenwood NX820 Mobile Unit

Kenwood NX820

There are 3 major digital trunk radio brands for Malaysia user, namely Kenwood, Hytera and Motorola.  WOKI Talk as as one of the digital trunk radio supplier, we have the ability to supply any of above 3 brands to user.  However, we mainly focus in Kenwood and Hytera digital trunk radio.

Basic Digital Trunk Radio System

From user stand point, there is no significant difference in term of application between digital and analog trunk radio.  However, there are some fundamental differences between these 2 systems.

  • Frequency Range 410-430MHz. Digital trunk radio is using VFH frequency band from 410-430MHz.  This is the same frequency band used for Kenwood and Motorola Digital Trunk Radio System.
  • Signal Transferring method. As we learn from physic, voice is transferred in analog method, however with digital trunk radio system, the analog signal will be transformed to digitize signal before transferring.

Advantages for Digital Trunk Radio

Radio Tower

Radio Tower

There are some advantages for converting to digital signal, here we would like to list out some of the major area we are seeing advantages for using digitize trunk radio network.

  • Latest Digitize Technology. The analog format of voice signal will be transferred to digital signal.
  • Better Signal Transmission. For digital trunk radio user, we could have crystal clear voice quality.  The trunk radio system will self re-align the signal lost during the transferring process.
  • Voice & Signal Security. To ensure the network security and voice signal will not be hijacked by other, all digitize voice signal is transferred with encrypted method as well as fluctuating frequency.
  • Broad Digital Utility. Digital trunk radio has state-of-the-art console system.  The console could incorporate many functions to maximize the application for digital trunk radio, this include:
  1. GPS function
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Real-time monitoring
  4. Communication Recording
  5. User activities.

Digital Trunk Radio Choices for User

Kenwood NX320 Handset

Kenwood NX320 Handset

In WOKI Talk, we do provide either mobile or portable unit for digital trunk radio.    User could choose the appropriate device base on their application habit.

  • Mobile Unit. The mobile unit could be installed in the vehicle.  Such as Kenwood NX820 is the mobile unit.
  • Portable Unit. Portable unit is better for user who has maximum movement.  The drawback for portable unit is smaller in power.  Kenwood NX300 is the portable unit.

Since Malaysia government has gazetted about 100% cut in digital trunk radio start from Jan 2016, as the public trunk radio user, we should plan ahead especially we have only 1 year before the cut-off date.

Over here, WOKI Talk strongly urges existing trunk radio user could put up a plan to phase out the existing analog trunk radio and phase in with the digital trunk radio before the dead line.  Meanwhile, WOKI Talk will offer extend 1-year warranty service encouraging user who purchase digital trunk radio before the implementation date.

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