Will Walkie Talkie Diminish

WOKI Talk, A walkie talkie providerWOKI Talkis the key walkie talkie and digital trunked radio manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia.  We have setup a comprehensive strategy and service quality to support our customer communication needs, deliver better quality walkie talkie products and we also need to keep the pace with recent IT knowledge.

Due to latest technology development such as WeChat or Whatsapp instant messenger application, both of the applications also provide the voice message which similar to the basic walkie talkie function.

Is there any difference between walkie talkie or trunked radio vs. WeChat?  As compare to handphone, handphone is for 1 to 1 communication whereby walkie talkie could be used for instance messaging broadcast.  This major difference has protected walkie talkie remained the territory without lossing to handphone.

Now with the development and popular of smartphone, the WeChat application has provided message broadcast function, will walkie talkie be diminished soon?

What is the different between Walkie talkie and WeChat?

Walkie talkie is the communication appliances whereby WeChat is an instance messenger application which apply on smartphone.  Both are providing communication facility for users.

Even both devices are proving communication facility for user but there are still some difference between these 2 device.

Advantageous for using Walkie Talkie

Some advantageous for walkie talkie:

  • Device Robustness. Walkie talkie is designed to operate under rigor situation.  For instance WOKI H630S walkie talkie is designed for working in high moisture work environment.
  • Voice Broadcast Theory. The radio signal transmitted through the air transmission.  Radio transmission is the fundamental radio theory which does not rely on many supporting station.  This make the radio communication is more robust and reliable.
  • Instant Message Delivery. You could start talking by pressing the PPT button locate at the side of the walkie talkie, your message will be sent to the group without delay.
  • Better Hearing & Voice does not interrupted. The walkie talkie will consistently deliver the voice via the speaker.  It is more forgiving for the user to get the message even at a relatively noisy working environment.
  • Safety Features. Some of the walkie talkie is designed for water proof (IP67 standard) or even prevent ignition proof.
  • Save in telephone bill. You can use the walkie talkie and carry out the communication amount the group in the plant without paying any single cent for telephone bill.

Area Suitable for Walkie Talkie

If you are falling on below category or condition, you may want to consider implementing radio communication such as walkie talkie in your environment.

  • Housing Estate Security. The security guard is advised to carry a walkie talkie while performing patrolling in the housing estate compound.  He could immediate report any situation to the control room and other colleague for immediate action.
  • Manufacturing plant, especially facility team. Facility is the department who always needs to work in facility room and perform many patrolling job.  The noisy background facility room is more forgivable for walkie talkie system.  Communication makes more convenient.
  • Outdoor activity. Especially a hiking group with more than 10 persons are advised to equip with walkie talkie.  The walkie talkie will give more control for the organizer to control the crew especially hiking in a no telephone signal terrain area.
  • No tele-communication coverage area. Telephone coverage has improved a lot as compare to 10 years ago, however there are some area only cope with limit signal coverage such as mountain area, large plantation side and rural area.  Under this circumstances, walkie talkie maybe another alternative.
  • Rigorous working condition. Many working environment such as high humidity, noisy, construction site are more suitable to equip with walkie talkie.  Walkie talkie is designed able to cope with more rigorous working condition.
  • Restaurant. A large and high traffic restaurant is advise to equip with walkie talkie so that the message will flow promptly among the restaurant work flow.  This will also shorten the communication lead time.

We agree, with the variety of tele-communication, user has more choice for choosing the tools for better communication.  However, in WOKITalk, we are very sure there are still niches of work place which still require walkie talkie or trunked radio.

You are welcome to contact WOKI Talk to understand our offer for telecommnuication products.

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