Letter to Maltel Communication

Recently WOKI Talk is facing great challenge while distributing Hytera and Kenwood digital trunk radio to the market.  We aware the challenge is always there especially we are facing Electcoms as Letter to Maltelour respect competitor however we are seeing the dragging force is more coming from the support from Maltel internally.

I am pretty sure your team has updated you on most of the issues but as our partnership, WOKI Talk think that it will be better for us to come out a note to you so that we don’t miss out anything in our communication.

Inquiry of Hytera Set

Lately we had an inquiry of Hytera sets from our customer.  We were told by Simon that Maltel is appointing a Master Dealer in Perak and unable to give quotation now but asking us to wait.  After 1 month follow up and waiting, we still does not get any updates if Maltel want to get materialize the sale.

We know selling sets of Hytera unit may not means much to Maltel but the question is that we are letting the customer hanging out there with no attend.  Please let us know if Maltel are willing make sale of the Hytera unit.

Reliability Concerns

Lately there are several incidents happened which your team is working on it.  Personally I think that some of the incidents are related to the system reliability issues.  Users are getting frustration due to the inconsistency and threatening to return those set back to Maltel.

  • Sometime no voice coming out from the radio but only shows UID.
  • Some of talkie will suddenly turn to Out of Range but after that the signal comes back.
  • Some Hytera units show “Out of Service” suddenly and user was not told the reason.

WOKI Talk hope that with our literature update to yourselves, Maltel could fully aware the situation and working on the issues with a better response.

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