LJE Communciation, A Trunk Radio Supplier

WOKI Talk would like to introduce LJE Communication to our readers who are not very familiar about this trunk radio giant in Penang.  In short, LJE is the trunk radio supplier in Malaysia.  They located in Penang and they mostly focus in Penang and northern region market in Malaysia.

How LJE Communication Engage Customer

WOKi Talk website layout

WOKI Talk website layout

LJE Communication is participating in trunk radio business for many years.  LJE started the trunk radio business with Electcoms.  After separate from Electcom, LJE partner with Mal-tel for trunk radio business.  LJE also the one who introduce WOKI Talk to Mal-tel becoming another digital trunk radio supplier in Malaysia.  With our network advantageous, LJE wants WOKI Talk to take up the digital trunk radio support in Perak and Selangor state.  However, we think we could do more.

WOKI Talk has other way for engaging our customer.  We deliver sincere service to user, not only our customer, but also other digital trunk radio user who needs our support.  We understand digital trunk radio is pretty new to Malaysia user, we are educating the user via our well establish WOKI Talk website.  Especially Malaysia has moving into digital trunk radio since year 2016, we had write many articles to propagate the news as well.

LJE Communication Website

LJE Communication Website

LJE still pretty much lagging behind in the webstie setup.  As of today, we could still notice many pages still tag as “under construction”.  This is not too bad at least viewer understand they are still working on the website.  Unfortunately they don’t have proper channel to educate user about the digital trunk radio.

Via this analysis, we know LJE remain the traditional way for customer engagement, not even mention setus a e-shop as WOKI Talk accessories e-commerce shop.

LJE Setup Repeater System

LJE and their counterpart, Mal-tel, has setup several repeater system in Northern Malaysia for digital trunk radio user.  As we understand, the repeater system at Northern is distributed at:

  • Penang Hill
  • Bukit Mertajam
  • Bukit Gerai
  • Langkawi Island
  • Larut
Radio Tower

Radio Tower

Those repeater systems are setup for both Kenwood and Hytera brand digital trunk radio system.  Those repeater system not only for LJE customer but also other Kenwood and Hytera user who want to access to that area.  In WOKI Talk, we do allow user to access access those northern region repeater.

Available Digital Trunk Radio by LJE

LJE offers 2 brand of digital trunk radio, Hytera and Kenwood.  LJE starts with the business with Kenwood but in year 2015, they also engage Hytera and perhaps put a lot of emphasize in this China brand.

WOKI Talk has no idea the rational and business strategy behind why LJE want to engage both brands of Kenwood and Hytera, but one things for sure is that LJE has to spend more money in setting up repeater station and also maintenance cost because they are maintening 2 system instead of 1.

From user stand points, I don’t really think the advantageous besides user has more choices which eventually diversify the usage capacity.

WOKI Talk also offer Kenwood and Hytera for our users.  We have to cleverly distinguish the user selection for digital trunk radio.  Besides trunk radio selection, WOKI Talk does focus in after sales services and spare part support.  These are the areas to differentiate WOKI Talk and LJE.

In general, LJE Communication is a trunk radio supplier for many years.  However in digital regime, WOKI Talk want to do the business with other strategy.  We appreciate user could engage WOKI Talk choosing the Contact WOKI Talk button and let us serve you better.

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